<>we don't charge
any trading fees;</>

Safe and Secure

All your data is 100% encrypted and secure.

Data Driven Algorithms

Beontrade's bots are developed and tested using real data and simulating real conditions.

Improved Efficiency

Our algorithms operate with a high level of actions for period of time, in order to maximize gain.

Avoid Market Volatility

Using past data and user behavior we make sure our algorithms performance isn’t influenced by Market Volatility.

Complete Privacy

We ensure all your data is anonymous and private.

Reduce Emotions

Using bots reduces human reactions to uncertainty and market bumps.

One licence multiple trading strategies

Our plans include multiple trading strategies you can try.

Automatic Trading

With our bots you can trade 24/7, 365 days a year, automatically.

<>Beontrade offers a simple way to enter the Crypto and Forex Markets</>